Desperately Need Your Help!


At Olney Police Department (Olney, Texas) we are working on a limited budget. Our budget declined as a result of a Level 4 drought that lasted for months on end. We had to pipe in water from Wichita Falls, Texas which took a big bite out of the City budget, which affected our budget.

Our Officers have bought cheap body cams out of  their own pockets and has proven to be an asset. However the problem is these body cams are not commercial grade and do not hold up to the tough environment that we work in. Battery life on these body cams are pathetic and die way before our shift ends. This is a major problem in the world we live in today.

Body cams have proven to be a great asset in the Policing business of our day. For instance one of our Officers was dealing with a subject on a second story balcony and the subject decided to jump. Some people thought that the officer pushed the subject over the railing, when in fact the Officer was several feet away. Fortunately some witnesses had a point of view where they could see the subject had jumped and was not pushed by the Officer. This is where a commercial grade body cam would have come into play to save the Officer had there been no witnesses.

Giving a donation toward these cameras will be a way that you can show your support and back the Blue.

Officer Cantrell of the Olney PD says, “Save a career, better yet save a life by donating today!”

Here is the link that you can go to watch a short clip and donate towards Olney Police Department getting durable long lasting body cams:

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