Abe Hanson Family

Abe Hanson Family

Abram and Ruth Hanson and our children Esther, Daniel, Abigail and Sophia, are missionaries serving the Lord in Central America.  Since 2007 my family and I have been working throughout Central America in the countries of Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and currently serving in Panama.

While working in Central America we have been blessed to start two deaf ministries and are now in the process of starting our third. We also started Iglesia Bautista Amistad (hearing and deaf folks) in the spring of 2012.

In December I received a call from my friend Kenny Cantrell, whom I met while I was in Bible College. He asked me to consider being a field rep for Panama.  I was and am excited for the opportunity as I already have some great contacts within the police force here in the country.

I have already had the opportunity to share the special gospel tract with many of the police here in Panama as well as in Costa Rica. We have also been able to get the tract into the hands of about fifteen other national pastors and missionaries so they too can be a part of getting the Gospel into the lives of these men and women. We are excited to see where God takes this ministry and happy to be a part of it.