bblog4bblog5.jpgford10The staff of Badges & Boots Worldwide would like to Thank you for visiting this site.

We are honored to be around a lot of these heroes on a daily basis. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are men and women who give so much of themselves and their families to keep us safe.

Every hero and their families deserve the opportunity to go to Heaven and we plan to share with everyone of them that we come into contact with how they can do that.

Military – We have been to Fort Cambell, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood and many other Military bases. We have a National Guard unit we go to every month to provide Chapel services. We have traveled in Central and South America and a country in the Middle East. We have been in contact with Soldiers from Israel, Canada, South Korea and England.

Police and First Responders – We have worked counties and cities in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York and other states. We have Field Reps in several Latin American countries who are doing a great job.

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