Kenny Cantrell is a Missionary who formally served as a Soldier in the U.S. Army where he had a background in training foreign Soldiers. He also served as a Firefighter in Decatur, Texas; at the same time he was also a Firefighter/Haz-Mat Technician for a company that was a subsidiary of Unocal. Kenny served for three years as a Patrol Officer in Olney, Texas. He is currently working as a Police Officer for the Gainesville Independent School system. Officer Cantrell is also an Active Shooter Instructor for Police. Kenny and his wife also travel in the States and to foreign countries to minister to the Military, Police and First Responders.

He has a deep desire to help Soldiers, Police and First Responders come to know Christ as their Savior.  He is often heard saying, “Everybody seems to have a Prison Ministry, but where is the Ministry to the Soldiers, Police and First Responders?”

Kenny and his wife have a son that is currently a Corporal with an Agency in the state of Texas. They have another son that Pastors a Church and is willing to help in the Badges & Boots Worldwide Ministry.

In 2008 Kenny became friends with a special operational Police Officer in the country of Costa Rica while in language school. Kenny brought this Officer a pair of handcuffs and a collapsible baton. Through this gesture and this friendship, 12 of this Captains men came to know the Lord over time.

In 2009 Kenny saw a great need in Ecuador as it seemed nobody liked or respected Policemen in the country of Ecuador. So he designed Gospel Tracts specifically for Police and Soldiers, named that ministry Badges & Boots. Within a week they had some of those tracts hot off the press and began handing them out to Soldiers and Police at Road Blocks, Check Points and anywhere else those men were working.  Kenny and his wife Kim took bottles of cold water to give Police along with a Gospel tract on hot days. Kenny has even been known to pull car loads of Police over to talk with them (Everybody thinks he has way to much fun with that). His wife Kim has been known to lean out of their car window to pass Policemen bottles of cool water and a Gospel tract.

The Badges & Boots Ministry has spanned over into Peru, Panama, Mexico,  and Puerto Rico. We are expecting to hear great things come out of these countries as men minister to Soldiers, Police and First Responders.

Now the Badges & Boots Ministry has begun in the United States. It is currently working within the Texas National Guard, hosting Chapel Services at Units where Chaplains are not available. Also they are preaching special meetings at Churches honoring our men and women in uniform.

Kenny and his wife will often anonymously pay for these wonderful folks meals at restaurants.  These men and women deserve so much more respect than people are willing to offer them.

As for Kenny and his wife, they will try to do whatever they can for these wonderful people who are willing to give their all to the community, despite the community not always giving it’s all back to them.