Badges & Boots in Ecuador

Ecuadorian Marines

Our first term in the country of Ecuador produced a Ministry that we call Badges & Boots. It all started with a tract that I wrote in Spanish for Police and Soldiers.

My wife and I dedicate one day a week to passing out bottles of water and Gospel tracts to Police and Soldiers wherever we can find them.  They are usually not hard to find as they will throw up road blocks often. The traffic Police are just about on every corner in the city of Guayaquil. National Police ride around in trucks and on motorcycle with automatic weapons. So you see there are many opportunities to pass out Badges & Boots tracts.

We also seek out Security Guards. Many businesses and homes hire guards, so they are in abundance. We became very familiar with the guards at the local grocery store. I had the privilege to show our neighborhood guard  my Savior and how he could go to Heaven one day.

During one event in downtown Guayaquil there were hundreds of Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Police. We were able to hand out a ton of gospel tracts and had many inquisitive people. I got to talk to the Marines pictured above for a while and left them a Gospel tract (you can see it in their hands).