Rangers Lead The Way

I was talking to an Active Duty Army Ranger buddy of mine on the phone this evening. We were catching up on what is happening in our lives and with our families, as we have not talked for some time now.  During the course of our conversation we began to talk about the new Badges & Boots Gospel tracts that were just printed. He thought they were a good idea and I will be shipping him a 1,000 of them next Monday.

Even though my friend is part of an elite group, he is an active member of his Church. He goes out to help in the visitation program and other functions of the Church. Now he is going to pass out the Badges & Boots tracts to Soldiers, Policemen and First Responders in and around his duty station.

Please pray for the safety and salvation of our Special Operators all over the world. An essential part of any Special Operator is his wife and family, so do not forget them in prayer also.