Slocum Firefighter


Bobby Hogge is a Firefighter for the Slocum TWP in Pennsylvania. They meet on Tuesday nights to train and keep up with the latest techniques in fire science. It is very evident that Bobby enjoys his job.and helping people in the community.  He is married and lives very close to the Fire Station, he usually makes it to the Station very quickly. He is also very active in his local Church.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 71 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. We really appreciate the time and effort of Paid and Volunteer Firefighters and what they do in their communities. They face dangers such as flash-overs, backdrafts, dangerous chemicals, emotionally charged people and many other dangers of the job; just to keep us safe. They  spend many hours training for emergencies to come to the aid of people in their hour of critical need.

The next time you see a Firefighter be sure to thank them. These are people that just keep on giving, even when the job seems to be thankless.