Vietnam Vet

This last week I was out on visitation with my son up in Pampa, Texas, when we came to a driveway that had a truck parked in it. The truck had a Vietnam Veteran sticker on the rear window, so I took the lead on this door. The man answered the door and I introduced myself and handed him a Church tract, he took it with reluctance. I began to talk to him about his service career and he had served with the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam.

I handed him a Badges & Boots tract and there was no reluctance from him this time. I wish I could say that he got saved, but he did not. We parted and I believe there is an open door. I look forward to communicating with him in the future. I hope he looks up our blog in the future also.

If you know a Soldier (currently serving or Veteran), Policeman or other First Responders please let them know about this blog. They can start their first lesson on the B.A.D.G.E. tab.