Fort Bragg

All American

All American

82 ABD SSI.PNG 82nd Airborne Division units:[19]

82nd paratrooper in Afghanistan.

We have had a good time at Fort Bragg and have met a lot of people. We came here to visit a friend of mine and to make some visits for Badges & Boots.


10th Military Police Battalion (CID)(ABN)

Some of the folks I got to meet and give Badges & Boots tracts to were the men and women of the 10th Military Police Battalion. These were CID Special Agents, Undercover agents, suspect interviewers and a host of other workers. This was all made possible by the Battalion Chaplain who happens to be a good friend of mine.

I am not going to put pictures up here of any of the Agents or workers because I did not take any for obvious reasons.

I also got to meet the 16 MP Brigade Chaplain and gave him a stack of Badges & Boots tracts. I was also able to attend the Post Chaplain Luncheon. At the Luncheon I was able to meet a couple of retired Special Forces Soldiers who has a business helping with overseas Missions work. I also met a Sergeant Major who is heavily involved in helping soldiers in spiritual matters.

This week has been so good as we have met lot’s of soldiers and most of them in Military Law Enforcement.