Bell County Police Officer


Bell County Texas

Bell County Texas


Today my wife and I worked the eastern part of Bell County Texas. We were inviting Police and Fire Departments to the First Responder Meeting at NorthSide Baptist Church. I am speaking at the Church on Sunday morning 8 Sept. 13 at 11 am and then the Church is feeding the First Responders afterward.

We visited 10 Police Stations and 6 Fire Stations. Out of those visits we spoke to several Police Chiefs and 1 Fire Chief.

At one Police Station I was able to talk with a Police Sergeant and found out he did not know if he was going to Heaven or not. I began to talk with him and share the Gospel. He said he wanted the Chief to come out and meet me. Meeting the Chief was a pleasure and he told me he was saved. So after the Chief left I continued witnessing to the Sergeant and he accepted the Lord as his Savior.

I am so glad for this Veteran Officer. One thing every Law Enforcement Officer ought to have is the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

(I need to thank the many secretaries who were kind and got me through to see the Chiefs).