Military Working Dogs

Military Dogs

Military Dogs


As with their human counter-parts, these magnificent animals come to a time to retire.  They have given there all to protect the men that they serve with.

Around 1965 my dad adopted a Military Working Dog when the Air Force retired her. Her name was “Princess” and she was a true German Shepherd.  She was a great dog and was a big part of our family for a while.  She still had plenty of life and energy to give us.  At that time our family consisted of Dad, mom, me and my brother.

Princess did well with us as small children. She was patient and gentle with both of us boys. She was used as a security dog with the Military Police, guarding the perimeters of Air Force Bases.

I am writing this article to make people aware that there are Military Working Dogs that are available for adoption to the civilian population. The handler gets first choice, then the Police get their chance and then civilians.

You will have to fill out an adoption application. Part of that application is agreeing that the dog will receive regular Veterinary care. You will also have to give a couple of references for yourself.

We all have the opportunity to adopt a hero.