Down In The Swamps

R.J. & Jay Paul Molinere

R.J. & Jay Paul Molinere

Today Pastor Richard Way, his family, my wife and I went for a drive in Bayou Cocodrie in southern Lousiana after a long weekend of ministering to people in Houma, Louisiana. The Pastors wife mentioned that RJ and Jay Paul lived pretty close to where we were looking around.

We got the information of where they lived and proceeded to their homes. We went to RJ’s house first and knocked on his door, but we did not get an answer at the front door.

We went the short distance to Jay Paul’s house and pulled up in his driveway. It was raining pretty hard as we got out of the vehicle and proceeded up the muddy drive.  I knocked on the door and in a few seconds I was talking to Jay Paul. We exchanged greetings and I talked to him a few minutes. During our conversation he told me that he was saved and that he attended the Church around the corner from his house. I left him some information and left.

He is a young man who loves to hunt and be in the outdoors. He is also a boxer and MMA fighter. Jay Paul tries to put God first in all things that he does.