Get Away!

Camping in East Texas

Camping in East Texas

Sometimes you just have to get away! With Ministry and other things going on it seems like there is very little time to clear your head and spend time with family.

My wife and I needed some time alone and away from the rush of life. We both love to camp and so we took off  to the woods of East Texas. We found an excellent spot with few people around. It is easy to do when you are tent camping, as most people like to camp in travel trailers now.

The first day we had camp set up by 1940 hrs and began to enjoy the quiet of the evening in woods next to the lake. A loon in the distance let out a loud cry. Small birds were stirring to find a place of rest for the evening. A duck on the lake would gently quack and then the other ducks would quack loudly, making it seem as they were all laughing at a joke. It made us laugh. I built a camp fire for my wife. It was hard to keep the fire going, as the wood was wet from weeks of rain.

The second day we woke to heavy fog. It enveloped the lake and the land, it was a beautiful sight to see. The fog did not stop the birds from singing. They all seemed to sing in unison. The fog cleared off later in the morning. We spent the day watching nature, talking and unwinding. We hiked and gathered wood for the fire that night. Enjoyed the fire, talking and star-gazing.

The third day we woke up to sunshine and a lovely chorus sung by the birds. Two mockingbirds decided they would do a couple of very close flybys. One decided to check us out by coming within three feet and just staring at us for about 30 seconds. A redheaded wood pecker was pecking high atop a tree next to us as to say, good morning. About a dozen finches flew in to greet us at our camp. What a great display of nature as we sat in our chairs enjoying creation.

Once in a while it is good to get away and just clear your head.

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  1. Hi Kenny & family so happy you’ll got time time to get away and get refreshed, all gods creatures need to come away and rest. love u sheila


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