Ecuador Air Force

When we were in Ecuador a couple of weeks ago I made some good contacts. One of the Nationals that helps me said he could get me on one of the bases I had tried to get on in 2010, but was denied access. That was very exciting to me, my wife and our team.

One of the nationals has some contacts lined up for us when we get back to Ecuador.  It is so neat all the contacts that we have the potential to meet. We are hoping that many doors will be opened up for us.

I did get to see a General at the airport, but he did not want to be bothered at the time. I hope I get the opportunity to meet him again.

There is also a Marine Basic Training Base just about thirty minutes from Salinas and we hope that we can get on there also to minister to these young men.

There is a Naval and an Air Base in Salinas also, so you see the possibilities that we have in the future.