Letter From A Police Officer in Texas


We Love Our Law Enforcement Friends


Bro. Kenny,

Just wanted to drop a short note to say that I’m praying for you and hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been very excited about badges and boots and you have been very instrumental in spurring me on in my spiritual growth. I recently have been bolder in witnessing at work; I have generally been less active because of the supposed “separation of church and state”. It is very frowned upon to share your faith at my work place with citizens. I just decided that the great commission applies at work too and I just need to trust God to see me through any trials that may arise. I invited a lady to church several weeks ago from a gas station that I fuel my patrol car up at and she came to a revival meeting on a Monday night. She has also been coming on Sundays since then. Pray for her salvation.


Psalms 8:4


If any Soldier, Veteran, Police Officer or any other First Responder has a testimony that they would like to appear here; please email it to me at badgesboots@mm.st