Long Trip to the VA Hospital

Thomas E. Creek VA

We made our way back to Ecuador on Feb. 7th and moved to the city of Salinas with some friends to look for a house. We were so excited to be back on the Mission field, then it hit me.

My heart would race and I began to feel bad. After 2 days of this I told my wife that I needed to take an emergency leave back to the States. We made the 2 hour drive to Guayaquil and caught a flight out of Guayaquil back to the States. My Wife’s parents picked us up at DFW Airport and drove us 6 hours to the Amarillo VA.

While in the Hospital for several days my wife and I got to pass out some Badges & Boots tracts. One person we got to talk with was a Reserve Sheriff Deputy who is going to school for nursing and works at the VA.

My wife got to speak with another patient that works in a nearby Prison facility and had been wounded by one of the prisoners.

Even though I was sick, we still tried to minister to Veterans, Police and other First Responders.