Ecuadorian Soldier

Today I received an email from an Ecuadorian Soldier who is stationed in Guayaquil. Here is what he said:

The motive of my writing this email is that I want to join the ranks of soldiers of Christ and learn things from the Bible. Pastor I am Soldier of the Army and I want to join the army of Christ I want to fight at his side. I want to read the parables and understand.

I hope this is no problem and I hope you have a good morning. I will wait for your answer soon.

Chxxxxxx Saxxxxx Txxxxxxx

What a great blessing to have a young Soldier write me and ask to have a Bible study via email. I am really excited that this man took a Spanish Badges & Boots tract and wrote to me. To have him say that he wants to be a part of God’s Army and fight by God’s side just amazes me. Pray for this young Soldier (I left his name out intentionally) as I make sure he gets saved and as I teach him the Word of God.