We Need Some Help!

For Those That Serve And Protect

We are going to have 10,000 of these made up in Spanish and we could use some donations. We will be sending these to Central and South America to some Missionaries. We also have a man going on a special trip going to a place we will tell you about later.

Tracts really do work. I just got am email from a Soldier in Ecuador that wants to study the Bible. I will be sending him lessons and he will be sending the completed lesson back to me.

Christians have all kinds of ministries to prisons and jails, but what about the people who protect us. Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other First Responders are some of the most overlooked people when it comes to ministering to people!

Be a blessing and donate to the Badges & Boots Spanish tract at Kenny Cantrell’s Communique at the top right corner of the blog. 100% of the money will go to tract production.

Dream Big and Live For God,
Kenny Cantrell
Psalms 149:6