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It seems like every where that we travel everybody has a jail ministry or a prison ministry. That’s great, but don’t forget about the Police and First Responders on the street!

God has really put a burden on our heart for Police and other First Responders. These brave people deserve the best from us, as they protect us. They are there when everybody else is running the other way. They comfort us at the accident scene, they go after the bad guys who try to hurt us and a multitude of other duties that keep us safe.

So why do we not have more people trying to minister and help these Heroes? They have sacrificed so much in their lives and are truly on the Battle Front in the mean streets of the USA.

We also have a heart for the American Military man who is often forgotten about after the welcome home festivities. I have talked with a lot of these young men and they are dealing with a lot. We want to do whatever we can to help these folks.