Operations Underway

   Operation “Silent Island” is already under way. I just received 10,000 Spanish Badges & Boots tracts today.  3,000 of these tracts will be sent to our next staging area and then will be sent into the country of target. We are calling this “Silent Island” because we have a young man that will be going into a country we cannot tell about at this time.

By the end of summer we will be able to tell you where this operation took place. It is not really a secret place or behind communist walls. We will explain all about this operation in a few months and you will see why we are not saying much at this time.

We do need you to pray for operation “Silent Island”, as our delivery person is having trouble with Missionaries responding back to him. He has written several of them and they have not responded to his emails.   I told him that I would jump in to help because I do have a couple of leads and am hoping to hand over the information to our delivery man.

This is a great opportunity to reach a great number of Soldiers, Police and First Responders with the Badges & Boots Gospel tract.  In fact there are a great number of  Military Veterans in this Country.  This Country is kind of a forgotten Mission field, but has such a great potential.

  Operation “Invisible Panther” is just in the initial planning stages. This is a very exciting operation to me as it will penetrate into a Country which is not currently open to the Gospel. Those that will risk their lives to get the Gospel tracts to the Soldiers and Police of this country will have to be thinkers, strategist and cunning; just like a Panther. They will have to be willing to work behind the scenes, to be invisible you might say. Above all they will have to depend on the Lord.

We are having the Badges & Boots Tracts translated into the language of this country at this time. We should have them translated within the next two weeks. I will then send them off to the designer and the printer to have around 10,000 printed.

As it stands now we will be staging the tracts in a neighboring country and then people will carry them into this country. Of course the tracts will be carried into our target country in small bundles.

We have a great need for people to give for the printing and shipping of the tracts. I hope that this operation will reach millions of the Soldiers and Police in this country.

We need some folks praying for both of these operations. Just think if I could get volunteers from different countries around the world, we could have people praying 24 hours a day.

If you are willing to pray for these operations, please email me at kenny@mm.st