So Ready

I got a request from a Pastor who wants to start a Badges & Boots Ministry in his Church. He said he would run it himself if he had to; now that is determination! This is what Badges & Boots is all about; getting the Local Churches involved in ministering to Soldiers, Police and First Responders. If any Pastor in the States is interested you can write me or call me. If you are a Missionary in a foreign country and you are interested in the Badges & Boots ministry please email me at any time.

Right now we have Badges & Boots tracts in English and Spanish. We have a Chinese version at our print broker right now. We are looking at Russian and a few other languages to translate the B&B tract into.

As you may know I had surgery for heart arrhythmia back in July and I am in the healing progress. I am having to stay close to home and take it easy for a few more months. I am so ready to get back up on my feet and get after it. Kim and I want to thank everyone for their prayers on my behalf.

We have had Law Enforcement Officers that said they are willing to help in any way that they can. We are really excited about Officers stepping forward and wanting to reach other Officers. We also need some Firefighters and First Responders to jump in.