Field Reps

The month of September has been good to Badges & Boots. We brought on a Field Rep in Puerto Rico and one for Panama.

Allen Copeland is our Field Rep for Puerto Rico and is already forming a team there.One of the men is retired Military and has access to the Military Bases.

Here is a small excerpt from a memo he wrote me:

“I have been able to lead one officer and his family to the Lord. He is on the S.W.A.T. team for Puerto Rico. We are planning to have a special day to honor the police here. I am also trying to get into the National Guard unit here. We have a retired Master Sergent in our church who is helping us with this.”

Abe Hanson is our Field Rep in Panama and is getting some National Pastors involved in the B&B Ministry. He is wanting us to come to Panama to have a special week for Soldiers and Police, which we are going to start planning in the near future.

We have a lot of opportunities with this Ministry and we are praying God will help us out.

Me with two Ecuadorian Marines after I gave them a Badges & Boots tract.