Excited Pastors


Our Field Rep in Panama met with 15 National Pastors and was able to give them Badges & Boots tracts. These men were very excited to receive these tracts. Can you imagine the hundreds or possibly thousands of Soldiers and Police that 15 Pastors can reach? What great potential this opportunity could bring about.

These Pastors are willing to reach out to their Military and law Enforcement in their communities. Unlike being in the United States, this can be a dangerous thing to do in Central and South America. Needless to say the Badges & Boots Ministry is not for the faint of heart.

Most of these countries have something the United States does not have, a National Police Force. Which is a para military force and can be fearsome at times. Yet through all my ministry to Police in Central and South America I have found these men approachable. For instance one Police Captain that I have known for several years now has won some of his men in his unit to the Lord.

Please pray for these National Pastors as they try to get involved in this very needed ministry of Badges & Boots. Also remember our Field Rep and his family as they minister to Soldiers and Police.