Badges & Boots Super Sunday

This Sunday, 8 September 2013, Badges & Boots Worldwide Ministry will be preaching in two places in Texas.  Wichita County and Bell County. We ask that you pray for both of these events.

The 1st event is Chapel Service for the 149th HR on Sunday the 8th of September.  Jeremy Bingham will be preaching for Badges & Boots at the 149th HR Texas National Guard Unit in Wichita Falls, Texas. This is their Family Day event put together by their FRG Leader MJ Summerall (MJ is also Public Relations Officer for Badges & Boots). We are glad that Jeremy could step in and preach this Chapel Service on behalf of Badges & Boots Worldwide Ministry.


Bell County

Bell County


The 2nd event is First Responder Sunday Service at NorthSide Baptist Church in Bell County.  Kenny Cantrell will be preaching at the 11am Service. This is a Service set aside to honor the First Responders of Bell County. The Church will be feeding the First Responders after the morning service.

Kenny and his wife Kim spent the week visiting the different Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments of Bell County.  They tried to see the Chiefs of each of these Bell Counties Departments.

Kenny rode with Police Officers of the Nolanville and Temple Police Departments. Kim was able to talk with women Police Officers and women Fire Fighters.

Again, please pray for a successful Sunday on the 8th of September for both of these events.