Olney Chief of Police

Olney Chief

Olney Chief



While in Graham, Texas for a special meeting my wife, some friends and I decided to go to the downtown area. We were told of a gun shop on the North side of the square. As I turned the corner I noticed an Olney Police Unit parked on the outer section of the square. I told my wife since he is parked there he was not likely at the courthouse, but was probably at the gun shop. As we walked inside sure enough there was an Olney Policeman.

He was a man of large stature leaning over the gun case shopping for a weapon.  I looked around a little in the store, all the while in conversation with the Officer. I learned that his name was Barry Roberts and that he was the Chief of Police. He also told me about his Church affiliation and that he is a Born-again Christian.  We had a good time talking to each other and asked him for a business card.

Chief Roberts, my wife and I walked to his Police Unit where Kim took a picture of the Chief and me. We talked for while and exchanged information.

Look for an article on the Chief in the near future.

God has allowed me to meet many good men in Law Enforcement.