El Cajon, California

El cajon FD

Pastor Brown of Victory Baptist Church flew me out to the San Diego, California for nine days. The main purpose was to have a First Responders Sunday service.

Johnathan Fisher was a big help as he took me out several days to visit different Law Enforcement Agencies. We even went up to the Barona Indian Reservation to invite the Tribal Enforcement and Fire Department. We had to leave the information and Gospel tracts with the Tribal Council.

I was able to invite some California Highway Patrolmen, Sheriff Department and some local Police Departments.

I would like to thank the El Cajon Fire Department for showing up. They were really good with the kids and let them discover the Fire Engine. I was able to talk with these men about the Lord and invited them to attend the Church in the future.

The Pastor also recognized the Veterans that were in the service since it was Veterans Day weekend. The Church had quite a few Veterans in the service from all the branches of service.

We had a great service and it was a blessing to have the First Responders there.