Great Men In Law Enforcement

Joe Montgomery

Joe Montgomery

The world surely is a very small place after all.  On Sunday the 5th of January 2014 my wife and I were visiting the Church my son is involved with in Pampa, Texas. I was invited to teach the Sunday School hour.

That night we went to the evening service where Eddie Trimble,  Missionary to the Philippines was presenting his work and preaching. Before service I was honored to meet and talk with Joe Montgomery who is the Gray County, Precinct 2 Constable. The neat thing about this story is that years ago Joe Montgomery was Eddie Trimbles Sunday School Teacher in Wellington, Texas.

Joe Montgomery is a man who gave of himself to invest in others and his community in the past. At the Church last night he was able to see some of that love of labor flourished into a Missionary in the Philippines. A little boy he had invested time in teaching in Sunday School is now a great dividend.

Now we see him still giving of himself to the community he lives in. We could use more good men like Joe Montgomery who invest their time in people and their communities; the world would definitely be a better place. I wonder how many people in the future will look back at this Constable and say he had a positive effect on my life and it made me change for the better?

Thank you for your service Joe Montgomery!