Panamanian Special Operator

Panamanian Special Operations

Panamanian Special Operations

As some of you know Badges & Boots has a Field Rep in the country of Panama. Abe Hanson has done a great job for Badges & Boots in that country.

A  boy began coming to Abe’s Church and received Christ as his Savior. The boy got permission from his parents to be baptized and on the day of his baptism his parents showed up. Abe began to talk to the parents and won them to the Lord, through this the two parents have received Christ as their Savior along with three of their children and a another family member. The dad is in a Special operations group. (In 13 May 2009 the country of Panama created two Special Operations Units, the National Border Service (SENAFRONT) and the National Sea and Air Service (SENAN).

One day Abe was walking past a park and noticed a sign for a Police meeting. Abe went over before the meeting started to introduce himself to the Officers. He was able to give them Badges & Boots Gospel tracts and they thanked him for the tracts. This may be a possibility in the future.

Abe also has the possibility to be a Chaplain for a National Police unit.