Dare Not To Smile

Andrew Way

                                                   Andrew Way

My wife and I came down on the 10th of January to be with Pastor Richard Way and his Church, Faith Baptist Church. We had a great time ministering to the people in Houma, Louisiana. Cajun’s are some of my favorite people in the world, as my best friend is a Cajun. We saw 5 people accept Christ as their Savior this last weekend. Monday we went out and did some visiting with Police, Coast Guard and some other visits.

The Houma Police Department really opened up to us. They really took a liking to Andrew Way and he paved the way for us to get the grand tour of the Houma Police Department. We met patrolmen, detectives and other workers on the force. We ended up in the carpool and were able to look into the cars. Andrew was invited to climb in and sit in the drivers seat.

Today we took a little time out to play 9 holes of golf. Where we went was a free course and very wet; you might say we played swamp ball. It was the Pastor Richard Way, his son, Andrew Way and me. We were on about the third hole when Andrew drove his ball around seventy yards. We told him he did a great job. He looked at his dad and said, “That was a man shot!” We adults laughed and talked about that the rest of the day.

Ahh! I saw you smile!