A Great Wife

Kim and Israeli Officer

Kim and Israeli Officer


My wife is a super trooper as she wonders around the globe with me. She is very low maintenance and complains very little. She is always willing to hop on a plane to fly  to another country or drive for hours on end to another State. We both love helping other people.

Not only has the Police School I am taking opened doors for me to get in with the Police, it has opened a door for Kim to counsel with the wives of these brave men. It is not uncommon for Kim to receive phone calls from other countries and the States from women seeking advice from topics of raising children to marital advice. Kim has spent a lot of time texting with women also. It is not uncommon for her to text with someone for a couple of hours. Emails are another way women reach out to my wife for advice.

All around the world she has jumped right in with me witnessing to Soldiers and Police with machine guns. We have had a lot of fun along the way. Pulling over Police in foreign countries, working road blocks manned by National Police (that most other people were trying to avoid) and going to the borders of two countries at odds with each other to witness to the Military.

She is very well liked wherever we go and is a very hard worker. She is a loving wife, mother and Grannie to our grandchildren. She is known as Marmie to hundreds of kids around the States. She is an amazing woman that I cherish as a partner in our Ministry.