Loving Our Ministry




Our Ministry has really received a lot of open doors since I have been going to a Police School. We really got under conviction about reaching our local First Responders. As we work local for a few months we decided I could fit in the Police School that would compliment our Ministry. I will finish in three more months. We are still traveling locally on weekends for Badges & Boots Worldwide Ministry.

The picture above is a robot used by a bomb squad stationed in the State of Texas. It is one of the many assets used by this organization that responds to emergencies. This robot represents the thousands of dollars spent for equipment and personnel that are used to protect us of threats. One of the results of me going to the Police School is meeting the man that works with this unit.

I have been in contact with several Texas State Troopers, Game Wardens, Local Police, Sheriff Deputies, Constables and a host of other Law Enforcement personnel. We have also been in contact with Fire Marshal’s, Fire Fighters and EMT’s.

I have also met one of the longest serving Police Officers in the State of Texas,  Captain B.F. Wade. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII as an Officer. After the war he tried his hand at the grocery business, but was looking for something more  fulfilling. He found his fulfillment in Law Enforcement as evident by his 63 years in the business. From 1949 to 1951 he served as a Police Officer for the city of Sherman. In 1951 he joined the Texas DPS as a State Trooper and served in that capacity for 33 years. He then served for 8 years as a  U.S. Marshal and Federal Court Bailiff. For over 20 years he has been serving as a Grayson College Police Officer.

It has been a blessing to be around a lot of heroes that do not get a lot of recognition. If these folks are wearing their civilian clothes they do not stand out from any other people. First Responders come in all shapes and sizes.