Another K-9 Ride

Why Yes! I do bite!

Why Yes! I do bite!


Today I rode along with another K-9 unit and it was a hoot. The dog handler spent the day trying to entice the new Medic in town to put on the bite sleeve. We saw the Medic several times today and he kept putting the handler off. Any way it was good entertainment to see them go at it.

You may outrun the Officer with the tazer, but you are not gong to outrun the 42 canine teeth.  When the criminal figures out that he cannot outrun the dog he tries to hide. Wrong! A German Shepherd has 225 million scent receptors in his nose, compare that to man’s 5 million.

German Shepherds are still among the most popular breed used by Police Agencies in the United States. The German Shepherd is the one breed that you will find listed under all the job categories of Police Dog work. Those categories are:

1.  Public Order Enforcement – dogs that hold suspects at bay or chase and bite fleeing suspects.

2.  Illicit substance detection – detects drugs or bomb materials.

3. Tracking – trailing lost or missing persons.

4. Cadavers – detecting odors of decomposing human remains.

We at Badges & Boots are thankful for the Officers and K-9’s protecting our communities.