Whew! Graduated!


On Friday July 18th, 2014 I graduated from the Texoma Regional Police Academy.  I was asked to say the opening prayer for the graduation ceremony, of course I accepted.

23 of us started the Academy and 15 of us finished the class and took the State exam. All 15 of us passed the exam and two of us were sworn in the same day. Myself with the Olney Police Department as a Reserve and another man as a Deputy with Hood County Sheriff’s Office.


This is Sgt. Reynolds with the Gainesville Police Department who we chose to speak at our graduation. He is an instructor at the Police Academy and did a great job.


It was a great honor to have 20 friends show up at graduation. A couple of them did not make it in the picture. Amongst those 20 was my son Klay and his wife. My Pastor and one couple from our Church.  Three Pastors, their wives and families. A Missionary and an Evangelist with their wives and families.


And finally the OMC (Old Man Club) of Academy Class #88.  I was the oldest person in the Academy at 52 yrs. old. These two men made the Academy Class for me. We kept each other going.  One is the County Fire Marshal and the other is a Denton Fire Fighter that works in investigations and other things.

I am glad to be out of the Academy and working as a reserve Officer for a small town of about 3,200 people. Working as a reserve allows me to continue in our Badges & Boots Worldwide Ministry. We will begin traveling in a few weeks to try and raise some financial support as we lost some over the last five months.

Being a Police Officer has opened doors for us with Law Enforcement.  It is a blessing to minister to our heroes in blue and to the community in which I serve.