Dangerous Job for Many Reasons


Police work is a dangerous job for many reasons.  One of the more dangerous aspects of the job is the traffic stop.

Making a traffic stop you never know who you will come into contact with. It may be a sweet little elderly lady or it may be a wild eyed crazed man juiced up on some elicit drug.

You may be making the stop for something as simple as the person not using their turn signal and the traffic stop can blow up into a high speed pursuit.

A Police Officer in an adjoining County was shot on a traffic stop. He was doing everything correctly and approaching from the passenger side of the vehicle because of highway traffic.  When he got to the rear passenger side window the subject raised a pistol and shot the Officer.

I have personally had a person jump out of their vehicle to meet me halfway between my patrol car and his vehicle. Usually people doing this have something to hide and are trying to keep you from getting to their vehicle.

When an Officer is searching a vehicle he is in a vulnerable position. The detainee has the tactical advantage at this time.

Another vulnerable time for the Officer is when he is in his vehicle looking up information on his computer. Sometimes we tend to concentrate to long on the computer screen.

You should pray daily for your local Law Enforcement personnel. The traffic stop is just one of the many dangerous jobs that the Men in Blue do to keep people safe.