Our Heart Continues On

Fabricio and Mary Dormi

Fabricio and Mary Dormi

In 2009 God gave Kim and I a burden for the coastal town of Salinas, Ecuador. while we were in Guayaquil.  We began to take trips to Salinas during 2009 and 2010 to prepare for us to move there in 2012.

Fabricio and Mary would drive us from Guayaquil to Salinas about once a month so we could go soul winning and prepare that city for us when we would move there in 2012. We knocked doors and won people to the Lord. People were excited that we were considering coming to Salinas.

One night in 2010 Fabricio and Mary came to our house around 10pm and knocked on our gate. They asked if they could buy us some coffee in a coffee shop owned by his cousin, because they wanted to talk with us about something on their heart. We spent a little while visiting and drinking coffee. Then they told us that God got hold of their heart during our visits to Salinas and that they wanted to come help us when we moved there to start a Church in 2012. We were very excited and told them it would be great to have the help. We talked about starting Churches in Salinas, Santa Elena and then move northward up the coast to establish Churches.

In 2011 we took a year of furlough. Fabricio’s brother, without knowing our plans, offered Fabricio a job managing a computer store he was opening in Salinas. God was answering our prayers and Fabricio and Mary moved to Salinas. They had a Bible study group formed by the time we returned in 2012.  Within the second week of returning to Ecuador I began to have a health problem. It was bad enough that we returned to the States to seek medical attention. We were not able to return to Ecuador after that. Fabricio and Mary continued on with the Bible study for a while.

Fabricio and Mary then moved to the neighboring town of Santa Elena where they started a Church. They are always having special outreach programs. A few weeks ago he wrote me to tell me that several people had been saved and others were helped spiritually during one of these outreach programs.

It is a blessing to see our heart for these people to continue on through Fabricio and Mary’s efforts. We thank the Lord for Fabricio and Mary.

Fabricio and Mary even have a heart for the Military and Police, which is an added bonus.