Hollers Of Kentucky


Kim and I flew up to Hazard, Kentucky to be with Pastor Chris Fugate and Gospel Light Baptist Church for a First Responders special Sunday service. The Church and Badges & Boots honored the First Responders of the city of Hazard and Perry County.

On a Friday Pastor Fugate took Kim and I around to Kentucky State Troopers Post #13, Perry County Sheriff Department, Hazard Police Department and the County Jail. Time was spent getting to know the Officers at each Agency. Tracts were given to each Officer and they were told how much they were appreciated.

When Sunday morning rolled around there were 31 First Responders in the morning service. Each Agency was recognized and their personnel were brought up to the front of the Church. There was State Troopers, Sheriff deputy, Hazard Police, several Fire Departments, some EMT’s and a Constable. A standing ovation was given by the members of the Church.

Pastor Fugate gave a small speach about First Responders spouses and families. He talked about how much the families give up. The families stood up and were honored as well as the Officers. The families received an ovation as well.

I preached a message and an alter call was given. Many of the Church people responded as well as a couple of Officers.

After the service Gospel Light Baptist Church fed the First Responders. What a delicious spread of food was provided. The Officers sure enjoyed eating the food and visiting with everybody.

One Officer said that he was going to come back and visit the Church and bring his wife. I believe the Church made an impact on these Officers and their families.